VOGA's new cashmere collection

So exciting to have released VOGAs new cashmere and merino wool collection. These luxuriously soft yet accessible cashmere scarves are the most perfect, long lasting winter accessory designed to transcend in your wardrobe for many years to come as a part of the slow fashion movement.


This collection of scarves are all handcrafted and ethically sourced from Nepal. With Nepal being home to the cashmere goat, sustainable farming practices are employed by our manufacturer in a way that does not interfere with the preservation of natural resources, including wildlife in order to source cashmere. In late spring the goats will already begin to shed their coats to avoid becoming uncomfortably warm, this process of removing hair that would otherwise eventually fall out is assisted by combing which is then collected and hand woven to form our wonderful scarves.


Our high-quality cashmere and merino wool scarves are currently available in two different colour combinations, a royal blue and orange as well as orange with a rich fuchsia! These scarves are the perfect way for anyone to add a classy but fun touch of colour to any look for any occasion!!

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