Where are our scarves made?

Our new cashmere and merino wool blend collection are all handcrafted from sustainably sourced cashmere, from Mongolian Cashmere goats and Chyangra goats. With a sensitivity to the environment and sustainability being at the heart of VOGA, the scarves have all been designed and produced ethically and considerately, in order to provide a timeless accessory that will transcend in your wardrobe for many years to come.

Read our blog post for more information around the sourcing process for this collection and sustainable cashmere.

Our silk scarves are all made and produced in the heart of Gloucestershire. We pride ourselves on aiming to be as sustainable and transparent as possible. We will always try to keep you updated on any changes, and aim to be as eco-friendly as possible as we grow and expand!


What are our scarves made from?


All our  square scarves are high quality 100% silk twill. This means when you wear yours as a headscarf it won’t damage your hair or lead to breakages….it also means they are super soft and glamorous with out looking shiny!!

Our new winter collection scarves are made from a 50/50 blend of sustainable cashmere and merino wool, providing you with a luxuriously soft, long lasting yet accessible vibrant scarf.


How do you wear your scarf?


What we love is there as SO many ways you can wear your scarf! They are the perfect size as a headscarf and can be tied in so many ways and styled with different looks meaning you’re not getting bored or repetitive.

Alike our winter scarves can be styled in many different ways to compliment a range of looks for different occasions, for inspiration look at our instagram @vogabycc.

I’ve recently been enjoying wearing my scarf on my belt loops as a pop of colour and will always have one tied on my bag, especially as its getting darker now as they just add a bit of brightness to those cold mornings. I love seeing how different people wear them in lots of different ways. 


How big are the scarves?

The silk twillys are 9cmx96cm - so are perfect for tying in your hair, on a belt loop or as a bag accessory.

The small silk scarves are 65cmx65cm - ideal for wearing as a headscarf, neckerchief or as a belt.

The larger silks are 78cmx78cm - a great size for a larger headscarf, shall or top worn in many different ways.

Voga's cashmere scarves are all 38cmx196cm, the perfect big winter scarf to keep you cosy.




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